Survival Business Mandarin with Extra Confidence!

  • 10 weeks, 15 hours programme – allows more time to digest everything better and maximise retention
  • Speak confidently in most common scenarios in social or business situations
  • Integrated cultural activities to add value to the learning experience – for example, visits to restaurants, museums, cooking classes
  • Suitable for complete beginners, or top-up for Survival Business Mandarin in just 4 hours!
  • When: start time to suit your schedule
  • £30 free credit towards Chinese Business Culture + Survival Mandarin course
  • Group rates available - please get in touch


  • £825 (£55 per hour)
  • Or try the first lesson for £82.50 (1.5 hours)
  • More than 2 people? - please contact us for group prices
Young couple passing Chinese art on the street in China


This course has been especially developed to help you speak Chinese confidently in routine scenarios including formal and informal greetings, social, travel, as well as making purchases and contemporary business buzz words.

Course Outline

Here’s our typical course outline, but this can be tailored to fit your individual needs.

Week 1

Pinyin – people and place names

Week 2

Pinyin reinforced: Tricky Pinyins and tones

Week 3

Daily essentials - greetings, thank you, apologies, asking for directions

Week 4

Expressing needs and wants, numbers and dates.
Culture: numbers in Chinese

Week 5

Making purchases and bargaining.
Culture: bargaining tips!

Week 6

Eating out essentials - order food and drinks, get the bill, complaining correctly or delivering compliments.
Culture: table etiquette

Week 7

Travel on your own – with taxi, train, and the airportAsking the time, telling time

Week 8

Business essentials – introductions, meetings, networking Safe travel

Week 9

Asking for directions

Week 10

Revision and cultural activity!

Man introducing himself in Chinese Mandarin

Learn to speak Chinese Mandarin for your travel to China

Learn to order food and drinks in Mandarin