Hello, we are China Unbound…! We make learning Chinese language and culture easier and quicker for companies and professionals. Selling to China? Buying from China? Working with Chinese clients in the UK? Or simply fascinated by the Chinese language and the opportunities it offers?

We can make your progress demonstrably easier and significantly increase your chances of success. We empower you in three key ways:


We run networking events involving China experts and top speakers. These help you know more about China, make better business decisions and discover genuine new business opportunities through the formation of new strategic alliances.


We run fast-track Chinese language lessons in Mandarin and Cantonese. These quickly help you overcome the language barrier, build stronger and deeper relationships with people – for business, or personal use!


We run courses to help you better understand the Chinese mentality and ways of doing things. By cutting through the cultural confusion, we maximise your new business opportunities and success.

What's new

  • Men shaking hands at China Unbound networking event
  • Companies networking at China Unbound event
  • Women networking at China Unbound networking event
  • Professionals enjoying Q&A session at China Unbound event
  • Speaker sharing experience about doing business with China
  • Professionals learning about Chinese business etiquette
  • Mandarin beginner class in London
  • Companies learning about doing business in China and with Chinese people
  • Learn basic Chinese Mandarin phrases

What Clients say about China Unbound:

“Lots of good practice! Very easy to understand.”
Sheldon Cordell
Joelson Law
“Very useful content and very knowledgeable trainers. The relationship module was especially useful for negotiation.”
Stacey Body
SB Wealth Management
“Excellent lesson planning, informal and insightful.”
Sarah Inzani
Managing Director
Totally UK Magazine
“Very worthwhile - I now feel far better equipped to do business with the Chinese people...!”
Association of Corporate Treasurers
“Very practical. I learnt in a much more efficient manner than I did when I learned Chinese at one of London’s universities many years ago!”
Andrew Orchard
Canary Wharf
“I needed to learn mandarin quickly for my job as a news reporter and after only 3 months of weekly learning, I now feel confident in communicating in basic mandarin.”
Crystal Chung